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Whitewater Equestrian Center is in beautiful Western North Carolina offering guided trail rides and gem mining.

We are located in a natural North American rain forest, one of only two; the other being on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  We take you out into the wilderness, on a guided informative horse trail ride where you will learn of the deep-rooted local Native American history, plants they used for headaches and stomach ache medicines as well as snakebite medicine.

During the trail ride, you will experience reaching the peak of the mountain and on clear days, can see for miles into South Carolina and Georgia.  Some of your scenery will include 3 majestic natural lakes during the fall season.  Part of your journey will include traversing some of the same trails and paths that natives used in their travels.  Located just 1.5 miles from the beautiful Whitewater Falls (which you can't see from our trails); a stunning waterfall with an elevation of 414 ft.; the highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains!

The trail ride is approximately 4 miles.  Our horses are mild-mannered and gentle, and were previously owned by the children's camp, and will offer a smooth and comfortable ride.  It is an experience you will not want to miss, and the trail ride will be sure to create lasting memories for the entire family for years to come!

We don't have age requirements or weight restrictions and is safe for all levels of riders!

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