For 150 years the Hinkle family has protected this 375 acres of wilderness mountain land that is filled with spectacular views and abundant wildlife. The Historic Cherokee Footpath is just one of the trails in which you will ride one of the exceptional horses from Kayren (care-N) Hinkle's stock. As you sit high upon your horse and move through the woods, Kayren's  voice rings out sharing his knowledge, rich with charisma, about the history of the area, and he's quick to point out protected and endangered plants, their medicinal properties, and folk lore. "It's more than just a trail ride" one of our customers said "it's a total experience".
Any time of year is the right time to be here. The ever changing seasons create  an awesome array of colors and atmosphere that will always keep you interested and inspired to learn more and appreciate deeper. Repeat riders have often commented that it's "the highlight of their vacation", and something they definitely put on their list of "must do's" while they're in the area.
"It's something the whole family can do together", Sharon says. Sharon will not only  book your reservation, but  also runs the gem mine located on the site.  The gem mine is sure to spark your interest in gemology, and you will be delighted to see the smiles and excitement on children's faces when they discover all the semi-precious gem stones they have found.  They're excited to learn and have lots of questions about the stones, Sharon goes on to say "and everyone is sure to find treasures.  Don't forget to visit our gift shop.  You are sure to find that special and unusual gift for yourself or someone special back home.
            Come visit us soon.   Kayren and Sharon                                                                                                   

WhiteWater Equestrian Center is located on Hwy 281S approx. 9 mi.  from Sapphire, from South Carolina, 1 1/2 miles past WhiteWater Falls on Hwy 130.

For more information or to book reservations call 828 966 9646